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April 16, 2024

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Organizational Announcement - Network Services Administrator

To: All Spangler Candy Company Employees Date: April 11, 2024 Re: ... read more


Spring Employee Apparel Sales 2024

Good Afternoon, Attached is a flyer of the Spring Apparel Sale Items. Follow the link below to access the online store. All orders will be paid for online and delivered to Spangler Candy when complete. ... read more


Everside-Well-being webinar series May

read more

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Events Upcoming Events

Date Title
04/17/24 Spangler Manufacturing/STEM Camp
04/23/24 Administrative Professionals Day Breakfast
04/26/24 Spangler Board of Directors' Meeting
04/26/24 Spangler Shareholders Meeting
04/29/24 Management-Sr. Staff Meeting
05/06/24 Management Committee Meeting
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Documents Recent Documents

Date Title
04/11/24 1.0 Index
04/11/24 15.7 Cane Pre Op Inspection
04/09/24 5.1.1 Master Cleaning Schedules
04/04/24 5.5.3 Personnel /Contractor Moving between Main and West Campus
04/04/24 5.5 HACCP Allergen Material Control
04/03/24 21.16 Animal Feed Shipping Form Bit O Honey
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